Sustainable Sets, Energy, and Environments | Case Study: Virtual Production

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As we head into a greener future for production, this panel, presented by William F. White International, explores Virtual Production as an alternative resource to help alleviate the environmental ramifications of film and television sets. Learn about both the sustainable opportunities and potential challenges of Virtual Production, as well as renewable energy solutions and other considerations, in order to determine whether virtual solutions are best for your next production.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
Session Day
Director of Virtual Production, William F. White International Inc.

Edward Hanrahan is a seasoned visual effects leader, with over a decade of experience working with dedicated visual effects teams on high-budget productions including The Shape of Water and The Mandalorian. In 2017, Hanrahan joined WFW’s partners at PXO to act as Virtual Production Designer, where he worked on shows like Star Trek: Discovery and spearheaded content including demos, interviews, and other reels to educate clients about the features and benefits of virtual production. Most recently, Edward worked at Scanline VFX as Global Virtual Production Manager and Technical Director, where he built the company’s virtual production team, while designing workflows to integrate alongside traditional visual effects.

Head of Strategic Development, Versatile Media

Nancy Basi heads strategic development for Versatile Media’s technical services where she combines her passion for screen-based entertainment and the advanced technology that drives it. Previously, Ms. Basi was the Executive Director of Media+Entertainment for the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) where she worked strategically to promote and grow the digital entertainment and interactive industries for the City of Vancouver and surrounding regions. Her unique 360 perspective to screen based entertainment when applied to trade, investment and talent initiatives, developed new ecosystems and cross sectoral opportunities enabling business and job growth. Prior to joining the VEC Nancy had a 20 year career in the film industry in physical production, visual effects, animation and studio management.

Lead Unreal Generalist, Pixomondo / Education Advisor, Epic Games

Seasoned Lead 3D Generalist and Unreal Engine Virtual Production Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher VFX Industry and education industry.
Worked in productions such Halo, Star Trek Strange New Worlds, Star Trek Discovery, Avatar The Airbender, The Boys and many others.
Most Recently, Thiago was hired by Epic Games as an Education Advisor for the Education Team, working on developing relationships with schools in Brazil, Portugal and Canada.

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Manager Production Services

Julie Anita Bernard, is the Manager of Production Services + Reel Green™ Partnerships at Creative BC’s Film Commission for the last 21 years. Julie works closely with local and international producers providing service including valuable resource information and location expertise helping to market the province as a film destination. Previously, Julie worked for 20 years in the film industry as a Location Manager, working on many productions: commercials, television movies, pilots, series and feature films; she brings extensive knowledge of the film industry, having worked directly with producers, production managers, directors and the creative teams. Julie has also been working with Industry partners for the last 6 years to evolve the Reel Green Initiative to where it is today and takes great pride in helping transform BC into one of the greenest production centres.

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