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Practical Solutions to Nurture a Greener Screen Industry

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Given the screen industry’s significant impact on the land and air around us, what tangible steps can film and television productions take to minimize their environmental footprints? In this session presented by the CBC, various leaders in the sustainable production movement will present ways to implement green solutions on productions and support the standardization of these practices across our industry. This session will provide a mix of tools and strategies that can be replicated across multiple production models, empowering cast and crew to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of their roles.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)
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English language session
Education and Special Programs Manager
Earth Angel

AnaLaura Giacomel has had a lifelong interest in environmental issues, and has followed that course towards a degree and diploma in environmental sciences. She is currently working on furthering research and education resources at Earth Angel, a leading environmental consultancy specializing in sustainable film and television production. She also helps facilitate courses on the albert carbon calculator and climate science and sustainable production for Ontario Green Screen. AnaLaura’s strengths are problem solving and finding ways systems can evolve and be imperfectly perfect, on the journey towards being environmentally responsible.

Independent Producer/Sustainability Lead
Louise Pollard

Louise Pollard is an independent producer and sustainability lead at Shaftesbury. Pollard is the creator of Every Body Curious, a twenty-one part sex education web series for youth aged 9-12. Pollard is a former teacher and women’s health educator and with over two decades of experience in education, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the dissemination of information in her work around sustainability and the well being of kids. As a straight-talking Australian, Pollard aims to spark authentic, vulnerable and credible conversations focussing on her passions of sustainable production and sexuality education.

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Environmental Sustainability Lead

Leaticia Kaggwa is on a mission to help content creators tell compelling stories while minimizing their environmental impact. She joined the CBC as their first ever environmental sustainability lead in January 2022. Among other environmentally-driven duties, she primarily collaborates with producers, industry partners, and other members of the screen industry to track carbon emissions and implement sustainable production tools and techniques. Previously, she was the summer sustainability coordinator at William F. White, Canada's largest provider of filming equipment and studio space. Leaticia also holds a Master of Science degree in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto.